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Dress code:

Amy has an established work look. She rotates various favorite jeans paired with cute tops and easy dresses that are perfect for the Texas heat. Her main wardrobe decisions are centered around her shoes chosen to elevate her daily outfits. Her efforts of having fewer decisions carries into her personal styling of having her hair straightened for ease and an affinity for natural beauty.


Favorite shops/brands/designer:


Big fan of:


On her wish list:



Daily Commute:

Amy begins her days working at home, and then arrives at her design office by 9am. She spends her brief travel time handling business calls.


Morning beverage:




Business travel essentials:




Typical work routine:

Every day is a little bit different, but most days begin with Amy going through emails, then a couple of client meetings, working on design concepts with her team and ending with managing emails in an effort to enjoy some time with her family.


Client meeting essentials:

Tape measure


Job stress management:

Spending time with baby girl and family

Taking evening baths


Office pet peeve:



Happiest career moment:



Desk drawer:

Amy's workspace is designed to store all of the material samples in an tidy manner. She utilizes baskets to store fabrics by vendor and drawers to organize materials for each client. Also, the use of white as the staple color for the office was intentional, giving a restful moment from the constant patterns and colors the team is using in their designs.

On her workspace wishlist:

Provides workspace comfort:

Favorite office supply:


Software/app must have:




Achieving daily goals:


Largest influence on career:

Living and being educated in London




Favorite publications/sites:


Amy follows on Instagram:

Best design advice:

"Buy the best and you only cry once."

- Miles Redd


Non-profit organization:

"To me, it's so personal. It's getting to know the client,

  and getting to know all the things that they like."


Amy's team organized samples by fabric vendor in baskets and each client has their design information stored in their own dedicated drawer in the custom furniture piece.

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